Artificial Grass From Decorative Living

Artificial Grass From Decorative Living

Generally, artificial lawn replaces natural garden and works great for play areas, schools, corporate offices, houses that have pets and many more places. artificial grass is installed on a concrete base or soil or transforms existing old garden, patios and paths. Many people who loves pets, transforms their homes with pet friendly artificial grass, which is perfect for both pets and children to play with no mud and mess. But, majority of customers are pet owners as the pet’s urine that contains nitrogen damages grass roots and leaves brown spots and solid waste cleaning is easy too. Among various artificial garden applications, residential garden is a simple replacement than others and can also be installed inside the homes which makes a great feature such as in living rooms. It is also cheap and easy to install these gardens on a solid base and first the grass have to removed if you are replacing existing garden.

Easy Artificial Grass Maintenance

Brushing and washing with warm soap water regularly, artificial grass will be clean and free from smells. Due to the plastic used to make artificial grass, it feel soft and safe when your dog  rolls runs and loves to kick and less mess. Artificial grass is stronger compared to natural grass preventing dogs from digging ground as it is hard to digs, the main reason why, customers look in for pet friendly artificial grass. You can brush the grass into place if there is a mess and solid wastes can be sprayed out with hose. Fibers on synthetic grass are protected from UV rays and also from other climate changes such as snow, ice, heat and wind and no fading is observed for any of these changes. Stains from pets urine, oils, weed killer or chlorine, will appear very little Weeds can also be eliminated, if removed with roots or killed with weed spray, before installing artificial grass. The quality of grass and warranty varies from company to company. The turf can be removed and moved with you or for any irrigation repairs, peel it back and roll it up and replace it again where ever you want.

Artificial Grass is Healthier

Synthetic grass is also preferred by many customers because they keep their kids and pets healthier. In simple words, artificial grass is cheaper, cleaner and healthier to maintain with beautiful lawn. As no water is accumulated in the yard, no flies, ticks or other pests appears and attacks pets and kids. Even pet’s wastes are drained effectively from artificial lawn, potentially preventing harmful bacteria and other microorganisms from affecting health. Artificial grass also reduces allergies caused by harmful chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and pollen’s that put potential health threats to both humans and pets. Also artificial grass reduces carbon emission from driven lawn movers. As the maintenance is low for synthetic grass, it improves lifestyle of people with busy schedules, and elderly people who cannot work with draining system. This also gives you time to spend with your family and friends and to do other important work. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass do not require watering and one can view full green on your yard year round.

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Top Uses Of Artificial Grass

The Top Uses of Artificial Grass

Even in the world where there is a huge scarcity of water and time for mowing, the perfect image of the green lawns is still the sought-after priority of most of the home owners. To achieve this homeowners are now switching to Artificial Grass. It is becoming a popular choice for those who are looking for perfect green lawns without the need of fertilizing, mowing and watering. However, many homeowners still believe that the artificial grasses are only meant for athletic fields and for putting greens, but in reality it is the great choice for landscaping as well and pets at home also accept these artificial turfs quickly. There are also other uses of these artificial turfs and some of the top uses of these artificial grasses are mentioned below.

Artificial Grass for Landscaping

Homeowners often like to have perfect green lawns which would mow itself! So, for such homeowners the artificial turfs are the  best options. It is also the ultimate choice for homes where there is problem with watering the lawns because of scarcity or drought. So, with the use of Artificial Grass such problems can be solved because these turfs are designed with synthesis materials which are specifically designed for landscaping. There is no requirement of watering the lawns and mowing it timely.

The artificial turfs for landscaping is designed with thatch layer of yarn which is known as root zone and this curly yarn provides the required support to the blades of the yarn which give it a natural grass look. Owing to its root zone the need of infilling eliminates. In some cases the thatch layer is tinted with brown color so as to give it a realistic look. The artificial turfs available for landscaping are heavy with largest amount of yarn per square yard and it gives the grass an added strength. It also has the pile height between 1.5 and 2inches which is considered to be the best length for landscaping application. For maximum durability you can back it up with multiple layers.

Artificial Grass for Pets at Home

There are many pet owners who like to have soft and durable grass that can withstand the abuses of their dogs and other pets at home. So, this is where the Artificial Grass comes to their rescue. Apart from landscaping, the artificial turfs are also the best option for lawns where your dogs and other pets spend their time. It guarantees high pile count, durability and height weight that can easily deal with the abuses of the pets and environment.

These artificial turfs can be used for lawns where you pet plays and they can also relieve their bladder. Since it has the right infill design, it can minimize the odor of dog urine and also kills the bacteria. There are some artificial turfs which are designed especially for pets and such turfs are designed with antimicrobial agents in its yarn so as to reduce the odors. It comes with excellent drainage for the urines of the pets and has specialized backing styles that makes sure that the waste and urine is drained aptly.

Application of Artificial Grass in Sports

Owing to its durability and lasting capacity, the Artificial Grass can also be used for sports. These turfs are used mainly in the high traffic areas as it is designed to withstand the daily wear and tear. There are two different categories of sports artificial turfs namely athletic field turf and putting green turf. The athletic field turfs are usually 2-3 inches high and have no root zone, but the infill is designed with rubber or sand. The infill in this turf plays a pivotal role because without it the turf wouldn’t lay over properly. On the other hand, the putting green turf is mainly designed for putting greens on for mini golf courses. Characteristically, these turfs are small in height which range from 1/4 and 1/2 inches in height.

The athletic turfs are very durable and as attractive as landscaping turfs and it looks perfect when installed professionally. It is also perfect for everyday use and known for its higher durability and longer lasting characteristics.

These were some of the uses of Artificial Grass which you must know.






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